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Mas Riells

Mas Riells by RVDV

Private home in La Garrotxa, Catolonia, Spain




La Garrotxa is a nature area in the north of Catalonia. A magnificent landscape of imposing rocks, extensive woodlands and ancient Roman churches amid sturdy farmhouses.

After years of neglect, “Mas Riells” was no more than a ruin. The roof and most of the walls had collapsed. RVDV architecture made a design which transformed the property into a striking home. From 2009 till 2012 the house was rebuilt on the contours of the old “masía” using the original materials. Viewed from a distance, you still see a typical Catalonian farmhouse. Up close however, there is much more to discover.  Inside the rebuilt shell, a spacious, modern home has been created with loving attention to detail. Unusually large windows inundate the interior with light and strengthen the connection with the outside. On the north side, a 10 metre long tempered glass wall looks onto an age-old stone wall, bringing a tangible sense of history inside the room. Your eyes are automatically drawn to the huge glass partition on the south side, which is made from Cor-Ten steel and structural glazing. A special sliding door made from perforated Cor-Ten steel offers protection from the sun in the summer. At more comfortable temperatures, it disappears neatly into the wall. Cor-Ten steel has also been used consistently for all of the elements that have been added to the old home, such as the skilfully finished door and window frames, the glass walkways and even the specially designed open-hearth.

In spite of its size, you are not overpowered by the open living room. The use of different floor levels and ceiling heights naturally divides the space into zones without separating them from each other: a perfect balance between intimacy and uninterrupted space. Mas Riells elegantly combines romance with a modern lifestyle.




Location: Mas Riells s/n, 17850 Sant Ferriol (Girona), Spain

Year of design: 2007

Year of construction: 2009-2012

Year of completion: 2012

Building costs: € 1.065.418 (VAT inclusive)*

Gross floor area: 513 m2**

Net floor area: 361 m2**

Client: Private client

Architect: RVDV architecture

Structural Engineer: Bert Stol

Building systems Engineer: Mabutec

Construction firms: Constresp s.l., Construccions Mensió s.l.

Photographer: Hisao Suzuki

* excluding outbuildings, guest house, swimming pool and general services

** excluding outbuildings and guest house




Plan Award 2015, category “house”.

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