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About RVDV

RVDV is an experienced and client-oriented architectural firm, founded in 1999 by Ron van der Vliet and based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

In our work, we focus strongly on space, light and the way people move through and interact with the building. We believe in simplicity, so we distil these design elements into strong building concepts that are as clear and simple as possible, without communicating unnecessary visual information.

The context of the building is an important priority for us. In each design we create a dialogue between the building and its surroundings.

We believe that details are essential for a good design. That’s why we elaborate each part of the design with ultimate precision and with sympathy for the materials used. No part stands out on its own as everything relates to the entire design concept.

RVDV has set itself the goal of designing sustainable buildings. As a result, our buildings are characterised by low energy consumption and we use materials that have a minimum impact on the environment.

We are aware of the client’s focus on building costs. So we monitor this aspect closely at all stages of the design process.

We love architecture, we love to share our design ideas with you and we enjoy creating a building which not only fits your needs, but also will surprise you.